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Ideas: Playback end of year stats

Ideas: Playback end of year stats

Status: Open Ideas

Can we please get a wrapped feature like spotify? Such a cool feature almost makes it worth making the switch

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Most other streaming services provide a year-end recap of your most listened-to music. Like the Music Festival poster or playlist. Something fun!

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Hi @Malgalpaltowel!

Thanks for posting! This would be great, you definitely have my vote. Thanks for being part of community. Hope to see you around more!


This was available in years past and I am really disappointed it will not be this year. Spotify allowing you to do the fun things from other apps with your music data is something I just deal with missing out on. But I was always glad to get something at the end of the year

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I'm super disappointed the pandora playback wasn't brought back this year. I can get over not having the festival poster and whatever, but I was really looking forward to my top artist and song. I'm moving my playlists over to spotify today. Bittersweet bc I have 10+ years of music on pandora. I know it's a silly reason, but we can stream music anywhere, why not have a fun incentive.

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I'm really disappointed too and I've never wanted to switch to Spotify but this definitely might be what does it for me 😩

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I'm the only one out of my friends who uses Pandora instead of Spotify, and it's pretty disappointing to not be able to compare listening stats for the year. I liked the "Year in Review" feature in previous years, and it deserved some additional attention instead of being cut. What songs were left on loop the most time? What songs were listened to latest at night? Did the user listen to any albums on the same day of release, and how long did they listen to it? These are fun and interesting things to see, stat-wise. Spotify Wrapped trends every year while Pandora has chosen to not even offer a similar feature as competition?

I've been a pandora user for 10+ years. I don't know who made the decision to cut this feature instead of give it some TLC, but I don't think it was the best one.


Many users in this thread are echoing the same sentiment, getting rid of it will lose customers.

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This is just disappointing to see. This thread has been saying the same thing and from what it looks like Pandora will be losing a lot of long-term paying users. If this does not come back before the end of the year I will be joining them.

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I hope y'all do something by January 1st otherwise Spotify is going to have lots of new customers

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Agreed. I was just saying to friends I love Pandora I'm not switching while saying we had the Playback option. I'm the only one still using Pandora and had to go back n say nvm guess they got rid of it. Why stay with Pandora for less features? Ugh I don't even want to go to the other platforms but it feels like time