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Ideas: Provide Social Login option

Ideas: Provide Social Login option

Status: Open Ideas

ALL of Pandora's competitors have implemented social logins as a convenient log on option for their users. When will Pandora get up-to-date with their competitors and industry?

What are Social Logins?

Sign in with Google, Sign in with Apple, etc.

These options would greatly benefit users and Pandora. 

Social logins allow users to sign in to a website or app using their existing social media credentials, eliminating the need to remember additional usernames and passwords. It simplifies the login process and saves time for users. For Pandora it reduces friction during the onboarding process and decreases the barrier to entry. Social logins help ensure the accuracy of user data. Since the platforms verify user information during the account creation process, it reduces the likelihood of fake or inaccurate information being provided. 

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