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Ideas: Scrubbing when listening to a station with a premium subscription

Ideas: Scrubbing when listening to a station with a premium subscription

Status: Open Ideas

Looking for the ability for Premium subscribers to scrub around a song when listening to a station. This feature is available when listening to songs in other fashions (looking up the song manually, in a playlist, etc.), so it does not make sense for this to not also be avaialble in the quintensential, legacy listening method in Pandora. 

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Need to be able to scrub (rewind/fast-forward) a song and play play previous tracks in station mode.

C'mon Pandora! As others have said we need we need to be able to scrub a song and also play previous songs while listening to a station. It's ridiculous!

I left Pandora years ago cuz at the time you could not play songs on demand. I've come back five years later due to Pandora's better ability to discover music and better shuffle techniques only to experience this major flaw.

I'm debating whether to cancel subscription. Ugh! 

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@Tiger1016 i do this too. sometimes i get in an intentional "music discovery mood" and i quickly scrub through the song to see if i like it. if i do, i thumbs up and move to the next.

... or i would do this if pandora allowed. i do this on spotify and apple music.

i get that the radio only subscription has limited licenses and has to act like terrestrial radio, but its crazy that if you pay for premium - where you CAN do this in a playlist - you cant do it on radio.

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After a year and a half and no such implementation for those of us who pay for the premium subscription… cool.

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So I just subbed to premium and scrubbing through new songs is the first thing I wanted to do. It doesn't really make sense to me that Pandora doesn't have this feature.

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Switched to Spotify and haven't looked back! It has this feature. No
excuse why Pandora doesn't.
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I see this has been a query by customers for some time now.

I'm very disappointed that Pandora premium family doesn't have the ability to fast forward any song I want like other services provide.

I'm considering canceling and going to a free account and since there's no difference in that regard.


I am the original OP for this request, which was made over 2 years ago now. Quite disappointing that this has still not been addressed after getting enough likes to be within the top 3 pages of open requests and 3 pages of comments from similarly frustrated subscribers.


I have finally dropped my account from Premium to Plus for the time being until I have fully transitioned my music streaming usage to Spotify and will then drop my Pandora subscription all together after I no longer need it in a few months. It is a shame that such a relatively simple and benign request that seems to have gotten enough attention by this community has still not been addressed by the Pandora team after 2+ years. My other open feature request, which is for the ability to manually add songs to the thumbs up list to a station, is the other unmet need from Pandora to make it a useful enough resource for me to keep it around.


I'll never say never, but it is highly probably that Pandora has lost a faithful and otherwise happy customer for good. 

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Come on! Why doesn’t this feature exist already? It’s so annoying. Please please please let us scrub to fast forward and rewind through tracks while playing a radio station! So frustrating not being able to do this. Thank you 

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It blows my mind that you can scrub in a song when searched for or in a playlist, but (in my case) in auto play, all of a sudden you can't. The music isn't live, so why would you arbitrarily change the way the player works when it starts auto play???

A little while back I got tired of the bugs in Pandora's Android app and switched to Spotify. I recently switched back to Pandora because not being able to turn Spotify's "Connect" feature, which I didn't use and caused me nothing but headaches since I switched devices a lot and they just got confused by it, but it didn't take long to remember why I switched to begin with. 😕

I abandoned ship for YouTube Music years ago. It's quite good, at least in
the USA. You can't fine-tune auto-play/radio quite as much, but you can
start a radio session based on any song, and aside from its default
selections, you can choose songs [more familiar to you], [less familiar to
you], [more popular], [less popular], or specific to some of the genre tags
they put on the current song. You can also start a radio based on an album
or playlist. As a bonus, you get no ads on YouTube videos, and I watch a
lot of videos, so it's very fair that I'm paying them for it.

Once in a while, the relevance of a song it selects to the seed song you
chose is a little questionable, but that's all part of the fun. I feel I
get a better variety than I did out of Pandora, oddly enough.

This isn't intended to insult Pandora. Pandora was one of the first
services on the scene and unfortunately seems to have suffered from
unfavorable license agreements built in that early stage. But until they
can correct these deficiencies, there's sadly not much reason to choose
Pandora over YouTube. Pandora seemed to acquire Rdio - my previous favorite
- in order to kill it; Pandora seemingly didn't adopt its features.