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Ideas: Show current station playing when in Shuffle mode

Ideas: Show current station playing when in Shuffle mode

Status: Open Ideas

Identify the source channel for the song currently playing in Shuffle mode.

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Yes!  I find that I seem to "pollute" some of my playlists with inappropriate songs when I use thumbs up in shuffle mode.  (Like adding vocal tracks to instrumental playlists, or energetic tracks to nighttime lists.) 


Opening Act

I'm not seeing how to attach a screenshot here, but in the Android player at least, when using Shuffle (stations), each song doesn't specify which station it's being pulled from, so I can't tell whether to thumbs-up/down it, because there's some cross-over, and I don't like having too much of that because then the stations start sounding too similar when I choose them based on mood.

I've reported this so many times over the years I'm beginning to think Pandora doesn't get or care why this matters.

Does anyone else dislike this, and when will this basic simple no-brainer feature be implemented? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @padaco. 👋

I completely understand where you're coming from. I'd enjoy having this feature implemented too.

To keep the community space organized, I moved your post over to this existing feature request: Identify source channel when in Shuffle mode 

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I love listening to shuffle, but sometimes it plays songs that I like and I want to know which station caused it to play.

It would be nice if I could see what station the current and past songs came from.

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Yes! Bring this back. Like everyone is saying sometimes you have a pretty specific station included in the shuffle but you would still like to thumbs up/down songs to add to those stations. Now you don't want to do that because it could throw off a station that you wouldn't particularly want that song to play on. Sometimes its nice to not have to listen to one particular station but still be able to thumbs up/down.

Local Performer

Agreed I would really like to know which station a song is playing from when using my iPhone, for all the reasons mentioned. 
Thank you!

Local Performer

This should be available on the app. Especially if you are a paying subscriber..

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Bca I moved your post over to this existing feature request: Identify source channel when in Shuffle mode

Make sure to give this thread a ❤️to express your interest in seeing it added to the app as well.

Thanks for being a part of the Community! :pandora:

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Please do this.  I spend 90% of my time using Pandora on shuffle.  

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I'd like to be able to tell what station a song is playing from when I'm in shuffle.  I might thumbs-up a song from one station but think it's not a great choice for another station.


Being able to tell what station the song is playing on would help me curate my selections even better.