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Ideas: Sleep Timer improvements - longer timer, fade, convenient access

Ideas: Sleep Timer improvements - longer timer, fade, convenient access

Status: Open Ideas

Add at least a 90 minute option, 120 would be even better, both would be Great...

Just a suggestion 🤘

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Yes!  I've thought the same things many times.  People often use pandora to get to sleep, and a sudden shut off is actually strangely startling and wakes me up.  Also quiet peaceful ads at night are not a problem but when you play ads that are 4 times louder than the music, that is just stupid.  It just makes me absolutely despise the advertiser. 


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Agree that this needs to be placed on now playing screen.  Also, need to be acceptable to google assistant to allow the timer to be set via voice commands.

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On Spotify, the sleep timer can be set in the "now playing" that please

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Agree! So frustrating. Can Pandora voice be used to set the timer? I have tried but it doesn't seem to be a recognized command.

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If I had not found online support through this community, I would’ve never found the ability to set a sleep timer in Pandora. This is functionality that many people use, but it is very deep in settings that require multiple clicks/taps to access.

Pandora development team, why do you make this so hard? Why are you only offering limited options? With the pandemic going on over a year, the need for a restful, solid sleep is even more important, but the stupid timer is still limited and difficult to access.

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I wish there was a way to "pin" the sleep timer in an easy access place since I use every night before bed.


Who knew others felt the same way! 😂🎵🎶

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for the great feedback @18bamboo46! Hope to see you around community more! 🎧

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yes to many clicks to get to sleep timer  agreed with above 👆 

more time would be nice

Options to alarm to set phone to do not sleep mode 💡

thanks for music 🎶 


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Gah!!!!!  It took forever and some Google searches to find the sleep timer.  I still can't believe where I found it.  Putting the sleep timer under profile makes no sense whatsoever.  My profile contains static settings about who I am, not what I'm doing in this particular moment.  I'm guessing the sleep timer feature was put under profile in order to "declutter" the main UI area and make it more simple and cleaner.  While simplifying the UI is a logical, reasonable and worthwhile goal, taking features like the sleep timer that people need "in the moment" and burying them under profile settings is just not right.  Frequently changing, in-the-moment features (like the sleep timer) and infrequently changing, static global settings (like profile settings) are two entirely different classes of features and should never be combined in the same area of a UI. 

But as a developer, I'm seeing this unfortunate trend everywhere in software.  Everyone is clamoring for UIs that are more clean and simple.  But people are throwing out the baby with the bathwater when they deeply bury in-the-moment features just to make their UI look cleaner and simpler.  This is a perfect example where burying this feature under profile made the UI look cleaner and simpler but it had the exact opposite effect on the actual user experience.  It didn't make the user experience simpler, it made finding this feature more obtuse and harder to discover.  Like I said, I had to turn to Google because it would have never occurred to me in a million years to look for it under profile.  If you want to make the users' actual experience more intuitive and simple, then do not oversimplify and over declutter your UI.  That will have the exact opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve. 

Give your users the features they need when and where they need them and don't sacrifice that in the name of making the UI cleaner and simpler in appearance only at the expense of the actual user experience.

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Please add easier access to the sleep timer. Adding a widget or at least something in the main menu. Maybe ability to customize the main menu or add a shortcut to that feature because it's something that I use daily (pretty annoying to navigate to every night).