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Ideas: Song Repeat Control

Ideas: Song Repeat Control

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Status: Open Ideas

I have over 100 stations but due to so many song repeats I don't get to hear many songs from the many stations in my account.  I suggest a way to control song repeats. I would like an option that lets me establish limts on song repeats, anywhere from 1 day to 1 month. Ie. A drop down stating: No song repeats for 1-30 days.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open Ideas

I concur. Unless you're constantly adding new seeds or creating stations you rapidly and up in a loop of a small number of songs. This is easily my biggest frustration with the radio algorithm.

Diamond in the Rough

I definitely agree..

Diamond in the Rough

Artist, Album, and Song Control on Stations 

I feel a lot like Pandora assumes that every listener is new to the bands they select, such that the popular songs are played first. However, for a veteran music listener, many of the times I seed something, much of it I have already listened to quite a bit, especially depending on the album, as opposed to the artist. Stop trying to figure out what I like because I do a lot of skipping over songs that are in my feed. Which is okay, but this is where I get frustrated: Sometimes the skips and the put it on the shelves aren’t working, especially I find this in the way that albums Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, And Justice for All, and the Black Album; great music, but I have been listening to them since I was a child. Pandora does the same thing with Iron Maiden. Instead of assuming a customer has never heard them before, there should also be room for people to say that they are most interested in listening to the new album in a station mix.  I’ve talked about Dream Theater before, so I will give that as an example: I have been a Dream Theater fan since they first came out with Pull Me Under of Images and words. I am familiar with all their albums, except Breaking the Fourth Wall, Live at Luna Park, Chaos in Motion, Live Scenes From New York, Live at Budokan, and Dying to Live Forever, such that I would really like to be able to hear this music in the mix, but as I’m listening to them now, I’d like to be able to tell my “Artist Only” feature that I would like to be able to hear the Dream Theater station to favor the albums I listed, instead of telling me what I would like to hear, as if I had never heard a band before when I have been a dedicated fan for almost 30 years.


However, many artists I seed because I have never heard them before. I probably want Pandora to put their best foot forward. However, what Pandora usually does is simply not to play the artist at all, despite the Deep Cuts feature. I think there should be ways to suggest familiarity with the music, and this is where being able to select albums in the mix should come in.

It should also be possible to select that one simply wants to listen to albums that performed poorly, or music that the critics rejected, such that I come looking for 1-3 star albums instead of 4-5 star albums, where 5 stars represents the highest possible rating.

Another thing that troubles me is that often I’m met with songs I have already heard many times before. I know this is a common problem, and the idea of being able to select artists, albums, and songs that one should be able to select what they don’t want to hear. Sometime it is so futile to do this through putting songs on the shelf, when other possibilities should be able to put artists and albums on the shelf. This would solve the Metallica issue. I would tell Pandora the Metallica albums I sometimes feel are in my stream ad nauseum, as opposed to selecting each of the songs on an album, as the shelf wait is inconsequential as by the time I give a shelf to another one, another one frustratingly pops off the shelf and its back in my stream. 

And, I still like the idea of having the option to treat the music feed for seeds as all equal in station mixes.

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I don’t know if this is the right place for my issue. I come from the days of terrestrial radio. That’s what drew me to Pandora, it has radio stations you can select from, minus the ads. 👍

With that said, my issue.  When I start a station, I do not after the first 45 minutes of the station, hear the same  song repeat. I am a 60 trial premium subscriber, and looking to becoming  a paid subscriber. And I love Pandora radio, but with the tens of thousands of songs out there, no track should be repeating, especially after only 45 minutes. 😊

Diamond in the Rough

Re: joemd

Interesting idea; listening to music with no repeats. Sometimes that would be totally awesome! Most average songs I know bore me after like 5 listens. It does seem a bit extreme. However, I do think it should be possible to be able to select just how long you want to put an artists, albums or songs on the shelf. That probably should not include months though, because most people listen to different stations, meaning that maybe one month you never listened to that music, it is not the day count that is important, but rather the hours of listening count for a particular station. For instance, if you have a station that has been listened to for 24hrs, you are probably better able to be able to select that you don't want to hear that song played in the next 24hrs of listening, as opposed to just a regular day, a month's of time, or 3 months' time.

Opening Act

please please please!

Also please support the repeat control when shuffling stations too! 

Diamond in the Rough

Re: bchertov

Thanks for this plug. Glad we see this is needed! I personally really get annoyed at the albums part. I have listened to so many albums thoroughly and would like to space out the songs out of those mixes sparsely, but I bought the popular albums, such that the exact opposite comes. I have to put stuff on the shelf too much. Its like cleaning to try to get the songs I don't want to hear often from bands out of my feed.

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i am new to Pandora, and loathe the repeated songs.   The same songs over and over and over.  They play the same song from the same album for example but the Rolling Stones - how many albums do the stones have but Pandora plays the same song sometimes twice in an hour.


How do I pick the Rolling Stones and have it play all songs by the stones from all albums and not just one or 2 songs.


This is a complete turn off like the old FM radio,   Let us mix deep tracks and popular tracks - lets hear it all.

Diamond in the Rough

Now that I have become frustrated, I use the "I'm Tired of This Song Feature" very often. It suggests that I like the style and the song, but just don't want to hear it nearly as frequently. I have experimented with everything else, and at this time it is the only way. Hopefully, Pandora beefs up that feature in the future. I would really like to be able to select how many hours of listening I could go without Pandora throwing it in the mix again. That would be ideal. I want to be the one who is in control of my music! much like everyone else in this thread!, and I imagine that if Pandora keeps it up they will stifle their business.

I should also say that when I started using the "I'm Tired of this Song Feature," much more frequently it is not like I miss those songs. Usually, what fills their place is more songs that I'm tired of at first, but if I have found that if I persist I seem to get what I want. That's enough for me now. I recommend trying this, as I bet if you use the feature enough you will get closer to having your desired stations. The biggest drag though is the continuance of not being able to have featured albums, artists, and songs in the mix. Seeds don't seem to cut it. I feel like I could listen to a station for a year and still not hear what I have seeded as opposed to what Pandora thinks I want to listen to.