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Ideas: Sound balancing & more volume settings

Ideas: Sound balancing & more volume settings

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Not sure where to post this but it would be a suggestion, but is there a way that a feature can be implemented where music output can be balanced to a similar sound level? Mainly with older music will be quieter then the remastered version due to how it was recorded.

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There should be a normalize setting that people should keep on or off because I use the mobile app on my iPhone. Sometimes, the volume goes down even further, then I would have to restart the app.

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Thanks for posting to @nielson_caetano! I moved your message to an existing post  that is very similar: Sound balancing/ More Volume Settings

We appreciate the feedback!


Another vote for better sound leveling  - at work I constantly have to adjust up and down when we have a shuffle of various styles of music going on.

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This is discussed by others in the thread, but it's not clear to me that this is included in the list of new feature requests. It really is a problem. Some songs play considerably lower than others, definitely not an equalization issue.

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I, too, would like to see the addition of a volume leveling/normalizing option.  Especially when using Echo's multi-room music to stream Pandora to multiple devices concurrently, the often drastic volume changes between tracks are a major pain as a manual adjustment of each device's volume level is required!  Most other streaming services have offered volume normalizing for a long time; I'm honestly shocked that Pandora doesn't already have this.

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Another request for the volume to be consistent with every song. I listen to music while running. It is super annoying to either 1) have to adjust the volume (hard to actually do via my phone enclosed in an armband) or 2) tolerate some songs very loud so that the lower volume output songs can be heard. 

Thank you!

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P.S. to my earlier comment. If radio stations suffered from this problem, they would be flooded with listener complaints, and management would no doubt take immediate action. Why should Pandora be any different? Please fix this. I'd sure hate to see Pandora lose further ground to the inferior Spotify and possibly disappear altogether.

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Yes please!  My wife and I like to go to sleep with music and having one song be so quiet it can't be heard and the next one so loud it wakes you up is not fun

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@Pandora Apple did something with IOS14. Sheeple the man is trying to keep you down! I've read posts where they claim nothing changed but I've decided it's a combination of suppressing your sound volume and increasing the volume of their own app (Apple Music).

I listen to Pandora every day in the car. I know my stuff, I do it every day. You know when that good song comes on and you're just forced to roll down the windows and crank it up... before IOS14 I've never turned up the volume in my car past 30. It used to hurt my ears and give me literal anxiety that I was going to blow my speakers. After IOS14 it has to be on 33 for the same experience. Still makes me nervous but it's the only way to hear it with the windows down.

"so just turn your volume up and quit complaining"...    yeahhhhhh I know...  that's what I'm doing now. I just don't like seeing the things I love lose out to copy-cats and I'm 100% sure something changed.

If I switch over to the exact same song playing through Apple Music, volume 33 is waaaaayyyyyy too loud. So there's something happening there, you can't deny that (same song - Apple Music hurts my ears and Pandora is quiet without changing any volume settings). 

I don't want a troubleshooting reply and yes I've already played with all the settings. (Apple Music EQ is off, headphone noise suppression is off, I've restarted my phone, and I've received (5ish) IOS14 updates.)   Just find some "I want to drive fast" music, find someone in the office that has Apple Music on IOS14 and go play it in your car, then switch to Apple and tell me they're not louder.


There was someone in one of these posts that was all "Pandora your volume went down and it's the worst thing in the world I hate you and I'm never using Pandora again it's ruined my life!!!!" ...  I've discovered soooooo many wonderful, off the wall "I never would have found this on my own" completely obscure songs while listening to Pandora, and I love it. Keep on keeping on, thank you for being awesome, and thank you for taking the time to read my novel of a comment. 🙂


Add volume leveling PLEASE! Why do you guys keep refusing to do you know how annoying this issue is?