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Ideas: Undo or shelf time for "I'm tired of this track/song"

Ideas: Undo or shelf time for "I'm tired of this track/song"

Status: Open Ideas

Selecting "I'm tired of this song" puts it on the shelf for a "period" of time. Apparently this period keeps changing and it seems to me that the more songs you put on the shelf the more quickly they come off the shelf. I'm at the point where 80 percent or more of the songs selected by this stations are songs which I put on the shelf, some of them recently.  This is the station I've been grooming to help me discover new music and since I can't thumb down the songs to get them out of the way this is my only option. This feature would be much more useful if the user could configure how long shelved songs remain on the shelf. I would prefer the choice to include a never option so that songs on the shelf will remain there until I say otherwise. One size fits all means it actually fits few or none, so please make this option configurable.  

Along the same lines (although of much less importance to me) it would be nice to view and perhaps edit songs on the shelf. This would address the concerns from other users that accidently shelved a song and had difficulties getting it to play.

I would even be alright if this enhanced functionality was only enabled with a paid account. As it sits today I spend a lot more time putting songs back on the shelf again and again than listening to new music, which was the only reason I joined. I have 6000 of my favs on my phone and various playlists to cover them - I do not need or want a service to play or manage these songs. I can listen to them on the go via earbuds or in the car via bluetooth, or at home via USB or Bluetooth.

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I fully support this. I just find it frustrating I can’t edit shelves. Ive learned to tactically brute-force past most of the algorithm’s issues with a mix of seeding, likes, and dislikes to the point I can corrupt a heavy-metal station into a slow-country infested mess… but I can’t unshelf a song so it can play on its artist’s station again.

Opening Act

I have had many times I have gotten tired of a certain song playing too much on Pandora and then having to go to a different station to not hear it so often.

I want to propose a feature that will allow the user to press a button to put this song on hold for a certain amount of time. You can select the amount of time in settings with a setting option of "Hold time" this setting option will have times of hours, days, or weeks for this song to not be played again.

This feature can even be implemented with google assistant, Siri, Alexa, etc. The user will say for example if you have Android: "Hey Google" "Hold this song" Then Pandora will hold that song for the amount of time selected in Settings.

Now the counter argument to this would be "well you could just skip the song", but then that doesn't solve the problem because in some cases that same song will play again in an hour or two. It would be easier to just put the song on hold compared to just keep skipping the song. Another argument might be "just dislike it if you don't want to hear it", but what if the user still wants to listen to the song in the future just not today or this week.

I personally think this feature would be a breaking point for Pandora and would definitely increase it's user base because the main problem with radio stations is the same song playing too much.

Local Performer

Please create an option to undo a selection tagged with the “I’m tired of this” button.


This is especially troublesome if the selection was tagged by accident.

Local Performer

It might be cool to have a station that never plays the same song twice, or never plays the same song in a week. A set hold time option like user CMFGAR suggested combined with an auto hold that automatically holds all songs would allow users to set the minimum duration between plays for each station.

Local Performer

PLEASE do this. Every few weeks I have to click “I’m tired of this song” on a few hundred songs. I like those songs, but I’ve heard them so many times I don’t want to hear them again for at least another year. 

Local Performer

Please allow users to undeo the "I'm Tired of This Track" option, in much the same way a Thumbs Down can be removed. Make the "I'm Tired of..." option permanent until the user removes the flag.

Opening Act

Pandora boasts 800,000 tracks, with more added every day...

Why not simply make a global setting which blocks a song from being repeated in a single week? Play it. Put it on the shelf for a week. With the exception of play on demand of course...


Should certainly have more control over that option. Like you can shelf a track for a week, a month, a year, a decade or even a century if you want. Being able to see the ones you have shelved would be helpful also in case you change your mind and want to add to the regular rotation.

Opening Act

I agree that we should be able to see what songs have been "shelved" and then go into that list and remove it from the "shelf" so that it plays again.


This thing about it gets shelved but no one knows for how long is ridiculous.


how the heck could a company program something that lasts for an indefinite undetermined amount of time?

if you program it, then you should know how long a song is shelved for


easy solution: let us unshelve songs manually.