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Ideas: User Interface: Phone & Desktop

Ideas: User Interface: Phone & Desktop

Status: Open Ideas

Hello, I love Pandora and have a few suggestions for a more friendly user interface, especially on Android, but a couple apply to the desktop version as well:

1. Smart phone/Desktop: Make the progress indicator bar thicker so it'll be more visible and also to make it easier for a fingertip to grab it for rewind/fast forward on smartphones. This would be especially useful for Podcasts.

2. Smart phone/Desktop: Allow an option to hide "Listened" podcasts to make selecting a new episode quicker and less cumbersome. When I subscribe to a new podcast I usually start at the initial episode and work my way to the most current.

3. Smart phone: If possible, maybe make the smart phone buttons larger (easier to tap w/fingertip), e.g. In "My Collection", just above "Shuffle Stations", make the drop down mode option larger. Maybe remove lesser used buttons like the "Profile".

Just some ideas that come to mind.

Thank you

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @DennisW!

Welcome to community! Thanks for visiting the Ideas Board. I've gone ahead and updated the status your post to Open Ideas.

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Hope to see you around community more!