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Ideas: 'Why This Song' for Mobile

Ideas: 'Why This Song' for Mobile

Status: Open Ideas

Seriously, this is the defining feature of Pandora. And is a main reason it is not Spotify or Apple Music. The feature used to be front and center with every song but now on the Android app it is not even accessible. What gives?


Also, were stations always limited to just 100 tracks? I could have sworn it wasn't like this before...

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Hi @Crestind

Thanks for the feedback for 'Why this song?' for mobile. This is helpful as we try to improve the service. In the meantime, this feature is available on the website. 

As for the station limit, if you mean your thumb-ratings, then yes, we only show 100 thumb ratings for station details on mobile. For a full list of all your thumbs I would recommend visiting the website. 

Thanks for posting!