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Log out other users on account

Log out other users on account

Opening Act
Status: Closed Ideas

Please add a functionality to forcefully log out other users on my account. I've noticed that resetting the password doesn't always do the trick and I'll continue to get the "someone else listening" message.

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not just a security need, but also a troubleshooting need as well

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Seriously, how is this not a standard security feature?????

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Yes, I keep getting this message. I am actually thinking about deleting my account because I have no idea who is on my Pandora and what they have accessed.

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Has anything been done about this yet? I'm getting tired of seeing these messages daily but having no way of finding out which device(s) and/or where the signal is being sent to. I have a Family Plan and I still receive these messages, even though I've logged out of the other devices I typically listen with. Even though I've been a Pandora member for years, I'm ready to jump to Spotify as I never had the problem with that service.


It seems Pandora Plus and Pandora One subscribers are not a priority. We must be a drop in the bucket compared to free advert-supported listeners and the revenue they create, otherwise how do they explain simply making no effort to improve the system or address hundreds of comments stretching back years now? They have spoken loudly through their inaction. I've dropped my paid subscription due to this issue and mostly stopped using the service after 15 loyal years. While I do miss my stations and playlists, there are plenty of great options nowadays aside from Pandora.

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THIS. 👆🏻 Especially when you are paying for a plan and not using the free version. 

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This is absolutely a needed feature.

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Not only is this concerning in case someone else is using my login, it interrupts me between each song which defeats the purpose of streaming music.  I can't enjoy Pandora when this happens as we have no recourse.  I end up switching to Amazon music and then it makes me rethink paying for this service because this happens all the time to me and I am the only authorized user.  Please implement immediately.  Thanks so much!!

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Has this been fixed yet? I keep getting messages that someone else is using my account but I'm the one paying and should be able to control who listens. I changed the password but that doesn't work


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upvoting to add this feature