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Log out other users on account

Log out other users on account

Opening Act
Status: Closed Ideas

Please add a functionality to forcefully log out other users on my account. I've noticed that resetting the password doesn't always do the trick and I'll continue to get the "someone else listening" message.

Local Performer

I need help logging out of all devices for aualtherized users please help

Local Performer

Yes, It's hard to believe we actually have to ask for this service. Please implement this Pandora -- posthaste!

Local Performer

This seems like a pretty basic function that's missing. If Pandora is going to claim someone else is listening to my account they'd better be able to tell me something about what this other device is that's listening and give me a way to log it out of my account. 

Local Performer

I’m going to cancel my subscription if this isn’t resolved like right now. I have to listen to one sing at A time. I’ve never had to do this before. I don’t care how you fix it.. I don’t care about your revenue.. you won’t have any revenue if you don’t get your junk fixed

Local Performer
Yes please implement this idea. I see so many other collections added from songs I don't know. And names attached to songs. I'm tired of "pressing let me listen". Pandora needs to fix this problem or they are going to lose a lot of customers.
Local Performer

Yes! Please Allow us to have control of our own account activates to secure our account.

Local Performer

Yeah, it screws me up when I'm listening to music after work and I hear "Someone else is listening to your Pandora account!" I just wanna relax to my own music, not the club stuff whoever's squatting on my account last listened to. Please implement this as soon as possible.

Local Performer

Please implement this feature ASAP! 

Local Performer

someone is using my account. How can I sign out of all my accounts and I cant remember my password!, so, that's a problem. Thank you

Local Performer

Please stop others from using my account