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Log out other users on account

Log out other users on account

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Status: Closed Ideas

Please add a functionality to forcefully log out other users on my account. I've noticed that resetting the password doesn't always do the trick and I'll continue to get the "someone else listening" message.


It is totally their code and tokens, as you can take a new Roku out of the box, connect to your network, install Pandora, open the app and magically you will be logged into the last account used on the same shared wifi. I gave up and switched to a competitor, no issues since!

Local Performer

Also with the ability to log out devices individually as I've also seen before. Helps to be able to log out of a device you may have forgotten to log out of, even if you dont have immediate access to the device. (I.e. friends/work computer)

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I think they don't want to fix this problem because they know it is a bogus error and it's just a bug on their end.

Local Performer might be on to something. 

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I have read this entore thread and for 2 years youve been saying to upvote this stupid thread and still haven't done anything to fix the issue!!! I am so tired of qll the run around and glitches qnd waiting days for customer support to fix the issues you guys can't seem to get fixed... This has been an issue for years now, how the hell do you not have a solution yet??????? I'll be deleting my account and going to spotify or literally anything else, im tired of paying for a service that only works sometimes.

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Yes Alyssa Pandora (Moderator), as you said, that was a great suggestion made by OverTheMoon to be able to forcefully log out devices connected to our Pandora account. That was also in 2019. I see complaints in this regard almost everyday and they all basically say "Pandora, when are you going to do something about this?"

The rest of the comments are from people who are now fed up and who are leaving Pandora because you aren't protecting or servicing your customers. I am soon to follow unless I can get an ETA on this simple fix. 

The ball is in your court Pandora; what's it going to be?

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I agree with this 100%!!!

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OMG ... YES Please, is there really a need for this to be a voted request!  Keep up with SOC compliancy... Let us manage our security and accounts. Other subscription providers like Disney+ enable us to remove all current logins... At a minimum if we change the PW ti should force all other systems to refresh their logins with the appropriate PW.

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Please add this feature! The “message” occurs so often it ruins my EXPERIENCE!! 
please update app!!!!


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I agree completely, device management would be great!