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Log out other users on account

Log out other users on account

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Please add a functionality to forcefully log out other users on my account. I've noticed that resetting the password doesn't always do the trick and I'll continue to get the "someone else listening" message.

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If I can't log out of all devices listening on MY account, then I can't listen when I want to without constantly being told someone else is no reason for me to continue paying for a service that I can't use while someone who doesn't pay for the service gets to listen. Need to allow whomever is signed up and gets billed to log out of all devices so they can set a new password...or at least require you to re-log in on all devices on a regular basis. I've changed my password but until they all log out, they can continue to use this service until I stop paying for it

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Yes please


Yes, this would be an added value to my Pandora account.  Too many times my listening has been interrupted by "someone else listening" on my account.  

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This is a great idea and this fuction should be added to Pandora, after all there are many sites that allows you to do just this.

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It's frustrating that it pauses after song, I've asked all my family and it's not them. I have no idea who is using my account, and it doesn't feel safe considering my payment info is on my account. 

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YES, great idea.  The message is unhelpful without info on what devices are listening. 

About to move to a different streaming service as this "someone else is listening" message is so annoying and frequent and does not provide the information I need to correct the issue.... as best I know I never have multiple devices streaming music at the same time. 

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Please add this feature! Other online services allow this.

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Please add a "sign out of all devices" function.