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More Station Playback Filters

More Station Playback Filters

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Enhance existing recommendation algorithm/ process OR expose elements from the filters to Pandora users. These can include include; beats per minute (BPM) and other examples from site(s) like; using Energy, Danceability and Happiness.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for posting to our feature request board @apriordan! Great idea! Keep them coming! 🎧

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If BPM is part of the music genome, being able to add/remove music genomes to the stations DNA would make this totally possible.

Local Performer

My very first time on Pandora, I wanted music similar to the band Shaman, a Brazilian melodic heavy metal band.  When I clicked on "Shaman Radio," which >showed an icon relating to the band<, it actually was a mix of New Age meditation music and Native American flute and drums.  Huh?  NOT what I wanted!

Now this New Age genre dominates my recommendations.  How do I get rid of it?  Do I actually have to "thumbs up/down" songs until it outweighs that initial mistake?

Can anyone help?

Local Performer

By showing BPM for every song, people can create playlists based on BPM for running or other workouts. I want to know right away if a new song I hear will be the right tempo to add to my running or jogging playlist. Also, show the BPM when searching songs without listening to them as well. 

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This would be great for DJs, parties, etc. 

Have a minimum and maximum BPM range. 

Crossfade should stay on beat.

Local Performer

Yes please add a BPM option for playlists, when I'm nearing the end of a 24hr shift and in the mood for classical, I don't need to be falling asleep

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  • Tempo sets the mood for your musical experience.  Nothing shatters a party mood faster than a slow droning ballot, and nothing shattered an intimate romantic mood like screaming guitars...
  • I suggest a scale like: less than 66 BPM, 67 - 108 BPM, 109 - 169 BPM,  AND 169 AND OVER BPM would be very useful...
  • Play our stations, playlist, and likes: but only if the BPM matches our setting.


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I'm a 60-year-old male... I make a radio station - using Vintage Country Artists...  I then spend months thumbs downing Every other genre and era under the sun... 

I create a mellow station for sleeping to, An easy listening station, An upbeat station, and a Party Station. I then spend months being blasted from my slumber by AC/DC. Or having the party mood fall flat from Air Supply.

I create special radio stations for my kids, who grew up on post millennial music. And I make my own stations using 20th century Rock or Country.

I guess my point is - you have a great platform here - but it takes years to fine tune your radio stations to your complete liking... If your platform simply utilized all of that metadata already stored it could become a lot more user friendly, as well as revolutionize the Music Streaming Industry... What I am suggesting is that you add a few User settings to filter the music on each radio station we create. You already have Adult Content filters the user can switch on and off.. Now let's add a couple more:

For instance:  set the tempo in four categories: less than 66 BPM for mellow music, 67 - 108 BPM for Easy Listening Music, 109 - 168 for upbeat music, and over 169 for party music. Tempo is critical for setting and maintaining the mood of the listening experience.

Set a Genre assignment switch to play music only from that Genre. When you're enjoying a Ho-Down you do not want Heavy Death Metal Bands scream out over the speakers. And vice versa...

Set a release date (for each song) switch - so kids can listen to their modern music, and old farts like me can listen to the classics. Set this one up with an oldest date, and a recent date, slide to give the listener a range of years of their choice.

AND have these switches easily accessible to change - as my daughters come and go from the room, so I can include them in an enjoyable listening experience.

These filters will allow us to completely revamp our existing play lists by simply throwing one or more of the switches, without having to create a new play list or radio station to suit the occasion or mood. By assigning these filters to each playlist or radio station we create - the station remains true to our desires, even when Station Shuffle is turned on.

And as long as I am making requests. Create a way to merge all of our various thumbs-up files into one thumbs-up playlist.... All of our favorite music is filed in dozens of thumbs-up files - from various Radio Stations and playlists. It would be nice if they were all in one place.

Thank You for your consideration.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @emailsich! 👋

Welcome to community, thanks for your post!

We’re always looking to improve, and getting feedback like this definitely helps with that.

For the last part of your request, I would suggest using Thumbprint Radio. Thumbprint Radio uses your thumbs to create a unique listening experience. By playing both thumbed-up and non-thumbed tracks from across all your stations, we hope to bring you lots of your favorites while sprinkling in some new finds in a seamless listening journey.

You can add Thumbprint Radio to your stations by searching for it or by visiting the Pandora website.

Thanks for being part of community!

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Thumbprint Radio has the ability to scan all of my radio stations (which I created) and collect all of the thumbs up songs I have marked over the past TEN Years?  Or is it just another radio station which plays crowd favorites? 

I was suggesting a way to dump a copy of all my thumbs up selections into a single playlist...

As well as a GENRE limiting switch: to eliminate all music not in the selected Genre.

A BPM tempo sliding switch to eliminate music that is too fast or too slow for the mood selected.

And a RELEASE DATES sliding switch: to play music between two selected years. Allowing people to choose their favorite periods or decades of music...

These switches, along with the adult content switch should be made available on the MY COLLECTION page - and allowed to be set individually for each radio station we create. Plus, they need to be easily turned on or off or adjusted.

These switches will revolutionize the Program. The entire industry for that matter. Make them Premium features - and give us a reason to upgrade...