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More control over like/dislike seed controls

More control over like/dislike seed controls

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Please, please, please give us more granular controls for like/dislike/seed.

I envision sub-menus something like this:
-Like and seed this and simliar songs/artists (traditional like)
-Like and seed only this song/artist
-Like and add only this version of this song (No re-records, live, covers, etc.)
*When liking a song, prompt if other versions are already liked on this station

-Dislike song (traditional dislike)
-DIslike this version of the song, but do not alter other seed info for this channel/station
-Dislike song and artist 

-Seed this and similar songs/artists (traditional seed)
-Seed song only (and actually play this version of this song)
-Seed album only
-Seed artist only
*When seeding a song or artist, prompt if other versions are already liked on this station


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Hi @briantorok thanks for posting, we appreciate the feedback and suggestion! 🎧

Local Performer

I'd love a way to "unseed" when an album or song is mis-attributed to an artist so you can say "this is not and should not be used for this station."  At one point a gospel band got confused with my electronic artist and that got ALL KINDS of weird transitions.

This unseed info could be used to help correct collection issues - request a reason to make it easier to make corrections.


Wholly, great idea, and I agree. I thought about putting something like that into the Seed section above...a "What the hell are you thinking, Pandora?" button, 🤣

You should submit it as a separate feature request.

Local Performer

Good Idea.

Diamond in the Rough

I have tried everything to get to listen to the new Metallica albums. I like the old stuff of course, but I have listened to it over the years and now it is just plain frustration to get to the rarer stuff, or post Reload stuff. Same with Dream Theater. I have listened to most of their catalogue thoroughly except their live works, and some of their newer stuff. It is not as if I can give it a thumb down because I really like it though I don't want to listen to it as often. Iron Maiden is another one of those bands I love, but Pandora plays them practically every day, instead of the stuff I'm more interested in that is more underground. Pandora just skips over my less popular band seeds somehow, as if it is ignoring them in favor of the more popular stuff. Even when I try “Artist Only,” or, “Deep Cuts.” I can’t the “Deeper Cuts” to get deeper or stop popular bands from taking over my music feed? For, instance it has a Led Zeppelin song now, which I love, but it is just too much of the popular. Next song, The Rolling Stones; I like it but it's just too plain popular. Why does that play first instead of the knows. And, now as the Stones finish, I am going to predict the next song will be too popular again and I will probably be sick of it to. Okay, maybe wrong on the 3rd one. I could probably never listen to Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix too many times. lol go figure. I guess I don't know how to call it all the time. 

I just simply want it possible  my seeds treated equally, in addition to the recommendations that are not my seeds. I probably have thousands of seeds of lesser known bands which Pandora seems to ignore in favor of the same old same old. Is the solution to keep adding more lesser known music? I have even tried many times to eliminate the seeds of the more popular stuff, but Pandora still plays them. How is it possible that Pandora thinks I still want to keep listening to the same old same old or other popular stuff first, instead of paying attention to all of the seeds. This is one reason I have looked in favor of remote controlling songs that I'm sick of in favor of rarities, and lesser knowns, but I have been waiting and continue waiting in frustration for Pandora to stop the same old same old. I have tried skips too. Nothing seems to work.


Hi @MusicIsForever Thanks for the feedback. I moved your message to this thread because it sounds very similar. 

Thanks for posting! 🎧


*Don't forget to vote for the ideas you'd like to see on Pandora! ❤️

Opening Act

What you're talking about seems exactly the same as being able to control the "Music DNA" of your station.

I have a very similar feature request:

Local Performer

been a long time user and today  (back when it was called the music genome project)  I decided to go in so I could edit some of my channels.  To my surprise I can no longer edit seeds, add to seeds, to change the way my channels work.  I really liked that ability and its gone.  I've vested so much time and effort into my channels.  I want that ability back please.

Status changed to: Archive

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