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Option to Automate / Customize Offline Downloading

Option to Automate / Customize Offline Downloading

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I think it would be a great idea for the android application if there was a way to setup the times when you want the playlists to begin downloading to be played offline (example would be to begin download at 3 am) or to have it to where you can sync them to download them all on a particular day like a Sunday or early in the morning.


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That's a pretty cool idea @Alchron - thanks for posting it!


I've switched to a new phone and I lost all the content I had downloaded.  It's a HUGE pain to get it back as I had hundreds of songs downloaded to listen to while I travel.  When I travel I'm without decent service for 5-8 hours, so I need LOTS AND LOTS of songs! 😄

I have two suggestions.

1) Ability to download the My Collection.  When you manually download a song it is added to the Collection already, so it seems like a natural extension of that.

2) Ability to AUTO download songs being listened to.  A toggle on the station window or something that when enabled will automatically download every song played.  

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Thanks for the idea @Dizzy49

Watch this space for status updates! In the meantime, try visiting our Listener Lounge to talk with other listeners about all things music. 🎧

Local Performer

I lost my subscription due to insufficient funds. I renewed the same subscription and kept all of my playlists, but none of the song were downloaded anymore. 

Is there a way to "automatically" download all the songs at once. Instead of downloading them one by one?

Thsnk you and GOD BLESS.

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