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Option to remove Timeout period

Option to remove Timeout period

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I'm a new subscriber and was very happy to start with the number of stations and the variety of genres and quickly found two stations that played a good selection of what I like without even any up or down voting. I joined for the personalized station experience, no ads and what was billed as unlimited listening. Yes I know it's unlimited listening but the timeout limit really is a deal killer for me and apparently a lot of others. Like them I find my self in situations where I really enjoy listening to new music that is being picked for me without interaction, the point being "no interaction". Crawling out from under my car or stopping in the middle of a work or household project to confirm "I'm still listening" is not an acceptable annoyance for a paid service. Yes I have read Pandoras policy and reason for this and this is my response. First thing, timing out paid subscribers to save money to finance your free service....Huh! I thought that's what the ads were for, you might try more ads if you need more money and it might also drive more toward your subscription plans. Second, I totally understand and appreciate that you don't want to waste royalties and bandwidth on empty rooms, try making the time out period an adjustable opt-in feature that has to be renewed monthly as this will weed out the lazy people that don't bother turning off when done listening. I honestly hope you're paying attention because I really want to support a music service that is not owned by any of the tech giants (no names) but this one issue will end my subscription if not at l least acknowledged. I love everything else you've done and hope to get some community feedback on this post.

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Hi @Dogzilla  Thanks for taking the time to report your experience and feedback with timeouts on your Plus account. Since this option is currently not available on Pandora, I’ve moved your message to our Feature Request Board. 

The Feature Request board is the best place to post feedback, new ideas and suggestion you’d like to see on Pandora. Don’t forget to ❤️the posts you’d like to see, including your own. 

Thanks for posting on community. Hope to see you around more often! 🎧

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the above observation by dogzilla is dead on


I agree as well with this post.

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@TannerPandora, is there any reason why ad support doesn’t cover the necessary royalty and bandwidth expenses?  I am not a paying subscriber due to budgetary issues, but if I was a paying subscriber, this would, as others have written, likely convince me to dump Pandora.

And honestly, the ads don’t bother me much.  I understand that “free” is rarely ever free.  If the ads and subscriber fees don’t cover Pandora’s costs, then the business model for Pandora seems a bit weak.

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I dropped my subscription today for spotify just because of the timing out.

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Yes I also have dropped my subscription today and moved on to Spotify for this exact reason. Spotify is annoying that you can't play on more than one device at a time, thus I have to add the family plan to do so, very annoying. But atleast I can guarantee the music playing will not timeout.

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