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Suggested thumb option/ few ideas

Suggested thumb option/ few ideas

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hello I have a few ideas to put in Pandora.

1. Music visualizer: select a music visualizer to watch as music plays.

2. Suggested thumbing option: when listening to artist stations you may be unsure on what to thumb up or down. To make it easier put either a banner (like the featured track option) or give us a list of songs that play on the station like Pandora's genre stations (pic below) or alert us about suggested thumbs.


3. Discover something new updating more often (or a refresh button): instead of waiting throughout the day and missing the "for you" section goods hit a refresh button that will now refresh for you section giving you more suggestions.

4. Side chat option: chat in real time as you are listening to your stations, obtain followers and even listen in on the current listeners station. 

5. Artist facts/ tour info/ artist pictures during songs/ song facts: song facts, on screen lyrics, similar songs to thumb? Touring info and where to buy tickets.

6. Mini games: something small to do while listening like a guitar hero like mini game that really doesn't have a huge importance just for fun really. (Make optional)

7. Not thumbed or unplayed listening mode: make play mode for not thumbed tracks or unplayed ones.

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How about making thumbprint my selections only and not other simmular songs?