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To Be Able To Purchase Your Own Personal Playlist & Individual Songs.

To Be Able To Purchase Your Own Personal Playlist & Individual Songs.

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To have the option for all who wanted to purchase their own playlist that they had personally put together, as well as individual songs. Think about all the time one spends putting a playlist together? Music that you love and would love to take every where you go, even places that has no net service. Music that would cost you a fortune to have ALL of your favorite songs. Google Play has the option to buy individual songs or the album, but Pandora is a much better service then Google Play, that's why I'm a Pandora Premium customer. If Pandora were to add this option as a music service I feel they would further separate themselves from all other competition. So vote now for Pandora to make this feature available for ALL music lover's to have. Take care and stay safe. 

P.S If you like this to be a service for Pandora to offer it's customer's then be sure to click on the heart.  ❤️ 


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Thanks for the great idea @MOHLovesAlaska! I like it. 

Don't forget to ❤️. The more votes an idea gets the more likely that it will be looked at for our roadmap at some point.

Thanks for being part of community!

Status changed to: Archive

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