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Josh Groban - Album: Harmony


I always keep my ears open for different artists, genres and songs.  I heard about this album where he resings songs from other artists and interprets the songs his way.  I am always up for a good cover but this album would be insulted if you classed it as just another cover.  First off GROBAN'S voice is like you just took the cloud road up to heaven and your sitting on a bench outside of GOD'S mansion in the sky.  I mean his tone is just hypnotizing and puts you in a calm and peaceful place.  The second song ANGELS is just riveting and i am really into this new album.  So anyone looking for NEW MUSIC GIVE IT A SHOT

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@RUn333KRACK  I will listen to this album, I will also pick songs from it to add to the GSOTD playlist. I will add you to the songs I select from this album for GSOTD post. Thank you for posting this playlist. Take care and stay safe. 

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How to send Josh Groban a meessage to compliment and thank him forrhis talent and expertise

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