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How to get rid of the timeout message in a business setting

Local Performer

I’m using the top tier subscription for Pandora. I play this in my restaurant. Can I turn off the “are you still listening”…thing? Can I pay more to have it play throughout the day without constantly checking to see if the dining rooms have music going? Thanks for any help!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@KingRanch30 Thanks so much for writing in about this. We appreciate you making Pandora a part of your business.

We actively test various approaches to better gauge whether or not we're playing to an empty room.

While Pandora Premium subscribers benefit from our longest period of uninterrupted listening, the only way to eliminate timeouts completely is by subscribing to Pandora for Business.

Pandora is available and optimized for use in settings such as a business through Mood Media, with features like unlimited listening (the "Are you still listening" message won't appear), no advertising, and a media player that can connect to your existing sound system.

Pandora for Business also ensures that you have the proper licenses to play music in your public setting. Due to the terms of our music licenses, the consumer version of the Pandora service (including Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium) can only legally be used to play music in a personal and private setting. Businesses, including non-profit or tax exempt organizations, must all have the proper licenses to play music, which also fairly compensates artists, authors, composers, publishers and other rights holders.

Use of Pandora in a commercial setting is available only via hardware sold by Mood Media. To learn more or sign up, please click here.

I hope this helps. Thanks for listening!

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