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April Events!

Hey everybody!
It’s been a busy month for the AMP team. We were in Kansas City for the 2024 Folk Alliance music conference and then in Austin a couple weeks later for South By Southwest. It was a great time, and it was amazing to meet and speak with so many creators in the real world.
Until a time when we can all meet in the real world, let’s meet in the virtual one! That’s right, it’s that time once again, where we get to teach you all about AMP and our free, powerful DIY creator tools! All you need to do is to join one (or both) of our AMP webinars. Whether that means signing up for the first time, or getting a refresher, please think about joining us for our FREE upcoming webinar, which takes place on Wednesday, April 3, and that’s our introduction to, and complete walkthrough of, all the aforementioned AMP tools.
As always here’s a more detailed recap of the webinars and what they’re all about: 
Pandora For Creators: An Introduction to AMP (04/03/24, 11:00 AM PST)
This webinar is geared toward new AMP users (or lapsed users who need a refresher) and includes a complete demonstration and walkthrough of all the various AMP tools, as well as an extensive Q&A session. On top of that, we’ll be offering an optional, extended, free-form discussion after the webinar, where members of our Creator team will be on hand to answer even more of your questions, AMP and otherwise.
Pandora For Creators: Office Hours (04/10/24, 11:00 AM PST)
Office Hours is a monthly hour-long webinar designed for active AMP users who have specific questions or problems. This is a chance to speak in person to someone on the Creator team, who can help with any questions you might have, whether they be technical issues, creative ideas, best practices, etc.
If you missed previous webinars, or especially if you’re getting this message for the first time, we wanted to remind everybody about AMP, our Artist Marketing Platform, a set of free and powerful tools for creators. Whether you’re an experienced AMP user or have been meaning to get around to signing up and learning to use AMP eventually, AMP can be an extremely valuable part of any creator’s toolkit.
These tools were made for musicians by musicians and were designed to make it as easy as possible to promote your music, increase spins and speak directly to your fans. AMP also allows you to see the data behind your music and then helps you to actually USE that data to grow your fanbase!
Please join us for the Intro to AMP webinar if you can. It's a great way to connect with the Creator team at Pandora and to learn all about AMP, or to just fill in any gaps in your AMP knowledge. And if you’re new to AMP, you’ll be able to use everything you learn right away.
See you there!
Chris | Friendly Neighborhood AMP Support
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