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How Do I Get Paid Royalties?


Pandora, as of September 2016, has entered into direct licenses with record labels, digital music distributors and music publishers for the rights to play music with semi-interactive features on our ad-supported and Pandora Plus services in the US, and for on-demand rights in Pandora Premium. Pandora pays sound recording royalties in accordance with the terms of its agreements with sound recording owners, collection societies and rights administrators.

Artist royalties for the ad-supported service continue to be paid through SoundExchange. Royalties for subscription services are paid through to record labels. For the ad-supported service, artists will continue to be paid by SoundExchange. For the subscription services, you will be paid by your record label or distributor. Mechanical Royalties (Publishing) are paid to you by your publisher, while Public Performance Royalties (Publishing) are paid to you by your publisher and by your Performance Rights Organization (PRO): ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR. SoundExchange will continue to pay ARTIST royalties to artists for the ad-supported service. In accordance with Pandora's Direct Deals for the new interactive subscription services, all other sound recording royalties are paid to your record label or distributor.

If you are unfamiliar with SoundExchange, please register here to collect your portion of royalties paid by Pandora as well as other companies that stream music or comedy. Both record labels/owners and performing artists can collect money from SoundExchange, regardless of whether you reside or do business in the United States.

If you have any questions regarding royalties, please send us an email at

Chris | Friendly Neighborhood AMP Support
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