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Updating an Artist Profile Biography on Pandora


If you are looking to add or edit your artist biography on Pandora, we don't currently have an internal database for biographical information. This means you won't be able to change your artist bio through Pandora AMP.

At the moment, we access artist biographies through TiVo's database for biographical information. They have a separate submission process for adding bios to their database.

You will need to reach out TiVo to request that they create a bio for you through Allmusic. You can get in touch with TiVo here.

Please note that TiVo editorial material is written by, and at the discretion of, TiVo. TiVo writes all of their original content and cannot guarantee editorial coverage for any artist.

If TiVo is able to write an artist bio for you or make changes to an existing artist bio for you through Allmusic, please reach out to us at Our team will then be able to look into getting these updates for your artist biography added to your artist profile on Pandora.

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