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Mysterious ended sub followed by unmerged accounts

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Had a family premium account, used it every day. My son informed me his account stopped working. I'd just used mine that day so I assumed he was in error. Nope, my premium had stopped as well. I'd thought there had been an issue perhaps due to my debit card expiring at the end of Sept (though we are not even in the end of Aug). Trying to restart premium on my phone was unsuccessful so I jumped on my laptop. A popup arrived saying there had been a password data breach. I changed my password... which was a laggy, error-ridden process.

After the password distraction, I used a different card with later expiration date to avoid any issues. It seemed to work. I added my family members emails back on and sent invites. I jumped back on my phone hoping my zillions of downloads and playlists would pop back up. 


Not only were all my months of downloads and playlists gone but when I tried to download or even play a specific song it told me I'd either need to listen to an ad to hear that song or get premium to download or avoid ads. So I signed out and signed back in using the new password... which again, had errors in the process and took 3 tries before it preformed correctly.

Sign in was eventually successful but still had the little button at the top left to "get premium". So in my phone app I went to my account and checked my subscription. Sure enough, it said I had an active family premium account. Yet, going back to the music, said I need a premium account to do what I want and still zero playlist or downloaded music in my collection.

Ages ago.... we're talking 15 years or more, I signed up with a different email. I'd continued to use that email for me Pandora account until pretty recently. No longer having access to the email account I changed my email preferences in the same account to my current email. When I go to my profile, it lists my current and correct email, but when I go to my account details, it lists my ancient email. When I look at recently listened music it shows one of MY playlists but says it belongs to another user (me) and lists that old email. So, Pandora identifies me as 2 entities in some instances, but 1 in others. This wasn't an issue until my subscription magically ended yesterday.

Not sure if I should just wait this out a few hours and it'll all catch up eventually or there's some larger, messy problem going on. There is no way for me to get into that old email account. And there is no way I'm tossing aside 15 years of likes, dislikes, adds and playlists and starting over.


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Local Performer

Also a bit concerned the message onthe website about a data breach was indeed the breach itself and I just played into it and have now given up a password followed by possibly debit info when I signed back up for premium. If so, thanks a bunch Pandora.

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@Tracylyn I am going to have someone from our support team reach out to you privately via email to help look into this further.

Please keep an eye out for their message.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime! 🤝

Adam | Community Moderator

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