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Suspended accounts & how to avoid it happening



A friend of mine has had every one of the 6 accounts on their family plan suspended. They pay for this plan and their accounts are used often. They have reached out to the support chat several times (they reach out each time when account has been suspended), but the chat support person either leaves the chat with no resolution or they tell them to email support and then they don't hear from anyone. I've also had another friend who had this same thing happen to her account. Can anyone explain why this is happening to people's paid accounts?

Can anyone shed light on what would trigger something like this? I also have a family plan and wouldn't want accounts I pay for to be suspended, so I'd like to avoid any actions that may cause this.

Please let me know if you have any guidance for me (or my poor friends). Thanks!

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My account was logged out and I cannot log back in.

I am a 57 year old grandmother living in Florida whose account was just suspended. I am a fan and supporter of BTS's Jimin. Pandora is mass suspending accounts of people streaming his music. We are a VERY active fan community that shares playlists. I noticed one of the playlists I had been using that I saw shared on twitter was gone. Thousands of fans were using that playlist. 

This is SO UNFAIR and SO FOOLISH to target fans of a member of the most popular group in the world. This group sells out multiple nights at US stadiums in a matter of minutes.  I am SO TIRED of having people treat me like I'm not an actual person. I moved to Pandora because Spotify was treating me the same way. This nonsense needs to stop. 

You need to reinstate these unfairly suspended accounts immediately.

I WILL be contacting Consumer Complaints to file a report. 

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Hello, my account has recently been cancelled without warning but I am still receiving emails that I still have an account. Is there a way I can restore my account? I am a paying family plan subscriber and want these accounts restored. I have not received an email about resolving this nor a refund when I have reached out three times to support with no efficient response. Please help or at least give some explanation why this is happening to seemingly many other accounts.

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It doesn't look like they're allowed to talk about how they're silencing artists, and taking everyone's first amendment rights. 

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