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Android: App won't open in No Service area

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I pay monthly for Pandora. I have several playlists downloaded. If I have service or am connected to wifi the app opens and works just fine. However, if there is no service at all 🚫 the app won't even open completely.. I can't listen offline because the app doesn't work offline. I can't even get to the settings to select offline mode to see if that's the problem. But I don't think I should really have to choose offline mode just because I have no service? 


So why won't the app just open and show me downloaded stuff?


Android, Samsung S23, brand new.

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Hi @EvilAngel! Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear you're having trouble with offline listening.

Can you tell me a little more about your mobile phone?

  • Android OS?
  • Pandora version?

Let me know if you need help finding any of this information.

In the meantime, I've enabled a trace to help investigate. Do you receive any error messages? If so, can you tell me what it says?

Can you also do me a favor and share a screenshot of what you see when you open Pandora. You can include this photo directly here on community. Please note, in order to attach a photo, you'll need to log into community from a mobile or web browser.

I'd like to see if clearing the app data and redownloading your offline content will help. I recommend trying these steps when connected to a strong WiFi connection.

  1. Open your device Settings
  2. Tap Apps
  3. Scroll down to find Pandora
  4. Select Storage
  5. On the storage details page tap Clear Data.

Please note, that the steps for each Android device is slightly different. Also, you will be logged out of your account, which will remove all downloads. Logging back in will resync your connection with Pandora, however, you may have to redownload some of your offline content.

Let me know if you need help signing back in.

Tanner | Community Moderator

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