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Android: Sonos Connection Failed Error

Local Performer

I can't play Pandora for more than a few songs before I get this message "Connection failed". It only happens with Pandora. I have Spotify and no problems. Same with Amazon. I was hoping switch to Pandora paid because I like the Stations feature better than Spotify but **ahem** this app is buggy. Other than the connection failure, the lyrics are almost always screwed up. 


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Hi @megak23d!

Can you share a screenshot of the message you get when the connection fails? You can add your screenshot directly into this thread - just be sure to do it from a computer or mobile device. Replying to a notification email will only post text, not pictures.

  • Are you casting from your Android to your Sonos?
    • If yes, can you let me know your Android OS and Pandora version.
  • Do you receive the message when connected through the Pandora app, the Sonos app, or both?

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Local Performer

Galaxy S22+ Android V13

Pandora 2303.2. 1

Casting from Android to Sonos. Have three speakers. Beam 2 and two others. One is the Move. I get the message on both the Pandora app and the Sonos app when playing Pandora through the Sonos app. 



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