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Alpine: Playback won't begin

Local Performer

I can see Pandora on my home Alpine screen.  See the track I want to play but it won’t run.  It’s connected via usb to my iPhone.  It’s open on my phone too.  I can scroll around tracks and channels but can’t actually start the music.  Apple Music works. Works in CarPlay but not Pandora. 

Moderator Edit: Changing title for clarity

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Hi @jobla2022 - welcome to community! 👋

To clarify, do you mean you see the Station you'd like to play but it won't play? Playing individual tracks is not a feature of the ad-supported version of Pandora Radio.

Can you share a picture of what you're seeing when connected to your vehicle? You can include that photo in your reply here directly on community.

Also, can you please confirm your phone details:

  • Model of your iPhone?
  • Which Pandora version are you on? If you need help finding this let me know.

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