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Android Auto - Browsing collection is limited

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I am using a Galaxy S8 and Android Auto. I can't seem to see all of My Collections. I have cleared the cache with no luck. I can see them when just using the Pandora app, but when using Android Auto it only shows maybe 10 of my stations. It is missing any of the new collections I recently added.

I also when parked don't see any way to browse and add them so I can't find any way to get them to work with AA.

this was a question from 12/20 a solution was never posted. whats the answer to this question i have the same problem

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Hi @barryy36 

For driving safety, browsing is limited when using Android Auto, a configuration implemented by Google. This will include most third-party streaming apps, such as Pandora.

Alternatively, you can try using voice commands to find what you'd like to listen to. For example, you can say things like "Play X song" or "Play X album".

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