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Android Auto Operating System (AAOS)

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I was told by my dealer that in my brand new 2022 Yukon, pandora would work through the dash without my phone needing to be connected.  Yet the day I go to pickup up my car, Pandora is not even an option through the dash. The only way Pandora will work in a brand new Yukon 2022 is if my phone is connected.  I have chosen not to accept the car as a result.  I don't want to tinker with other music services and I don't want my phone connected to my car.  I want to use my pandora that has years and years of my thumbs ups and downs ingrained in it.  I have an unlimited data plan and it was turned on when we were testing. We searched the app store for Pandora and every single other music service (iheart, spotify, youtube, amazon music) was searchable and downloadable as an APP except pandora. Is there any way at all to get pandora to work inside of the dash of my brand new 2022 Yukon without my phone being connected ?  This dealer did a lot of work to order this new car and spec it out to my liking and I am feeling very guilty that I don't want to take the car because of this pandora issue. Please help. 

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I’ve ran into the same issue! Until I can figure out how to download it, I’ve been using Alexa to make it play my pandora stations

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You would think a 100,000.00 vehicle would have access to the Pandora app. The 2023 GMC does NOT. I see so many complaints you would think they would fix it. I guess it’s just about the money and not customer satisfaction.


For some reason Pandora has not yet made their app compatible with AAOS (android automotive GM and others are using now) devices so it's not on the play store.  Been well over a year.  Until it's there I canceled my subscription.  

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I love my new EV which gets 319 miles on a charge and is beautiful and fun to drive.  Instead of Android Auto and Apple Car Play, they have apps together with Google Maps built in.  It is nice that it works without having your phone plugged in, but I was disappointed that, though they have Spotify, they don't have Pandora.  Any idea, anyone, if it might become available at some point?   

Thank you!



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What the mother **ahem**????

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