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Android Auto: Pandora resume at high volume after phone call

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Anytime I'm in my car, I listen to pandora VIA android auto. If I get a phone call, pandora automatically pauses as I answer the call. Unfortunately, it also automatically restarts at max volume if I can't end the call before exiting my vehicle. How can I make it stop? It has made for some very awkward, embarrassing, and down right inappropriate situations. I really don't want to give up my favorite music app. However, I can't have it blasting music (often explicit) in various public places either. This happens every single time I hang up my phone after exiting my vehicle. Please help!

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Hi @Unknownuser! Thanks for posting, sorry to hear about your experience.

To confirm, does the volume begin to increase on it's own after the music resumes or starts out loud? Keep in mind, the volume controls for Pandora are relative to the volume setting on the phone. If the volume on the phone has been increased, Pandora will play louder.

Can you share some additional info about your mobile device:

  • Make and model:
  • Android OS version:
  • Pandora version:

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