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Hello everyone. First off let me apologize for my ignorance. I've never used Pandora and only know its a music app used on phones. I've been car shopping and a Mazda CX-5 I'm interested in advertises Pandora internet radio integration. My current car has SiriusXM and I do use it a lot, but it doesn't need a phone to work. When Pandora comes standard with a car's infotainment system does it need a phone connected to work? Or is it stand alone like SiruisXM?  Also, I know that when I'm driving cross country in the West far from towns my SiriusXM works fine since its satellite. Will Pandora in a car depend on proximity to cell towers to work? Thanks - I just want to know if the Mazda's lack of SiriusXM (which seems weird these days) is going to limit me listening to music in far flung places.

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Hi @JeffHM! Welcome to community. 👋f

Pandora automotive implementations require you to use a compatible iPhone or Android with an active internet connection in order to stream music in the car.

The integrated Pandora app found in some vehicles allow you to connect your phone to your vehicle and control playback and thumbs through the infotainment system.

Similarly, the Pandora app can also be used with Android Auto and CarPlay if this option is available for your vehicle.

Hope this helps to answer your questions.

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