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I recently switched to an apple from an android. I am now using apple car play. I am unable to access my playlists once plugged in. It tells me to purchase Pandora premium. If I unplug the USB I can start my playlist but reverts after that song is completed and tells me to purchase premium. On the screen, there is no option to replay a song like there was with android, but I can do it from my phone. In general when not in the car and I am listening to my playlist, it will kick me out in the middle of it, to my regular music and then I have to go back into it and watch a short commercial again this is really annoying. 

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Hi @Tweete826919!

I checked your Pandora account associated with your community profile, and your actually subscribed to Pandora Plus, not Premium. For more info about the difference in our subscription tiers check out our Pandora Subscriptions FAQ.

Since you're upgraded to Plus, you're activating a Premium Access session by selecting on-demand content which prompts you to watch an ad. Because these sessions are funded by advertisements, your account will return to your regular service automatically at the end of the session. Currently, Premium Access sessions can only be activated from a mobile device or web browser.

Hope this helps to explain.

Tanner | Community Moderator

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