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Can't listen to "My List" in my vehicle?

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Wondering why when I listen to Pandora in my vehicle I can access/play all my stations EXCEPT the "My List" (from my thumbs up songs). It shows these songs in the display. When I select a song it shows as playing; however there is no sound. 


iPhone 13 Mini via Apple CarPlay - 2022 Honda PASSPORT Trailsport

Yes I have updated my phone with ALL available updates thru Apple. 

Current Version: iOS 17.5.1

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Hi @CarmRenee 

I wanted to confirm, is 'My List' a station or a playlist? Could you share a picture of what you're seeing when connected to CarPlay?

You can include a picture directly here on community. This is best done through a mobile or web browser. You won't be able to include a picture through the email notification you may receive.


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