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CarPlay: Premium Access Sessions

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When I select my Playlist on Apple CarPlay it indicates that a song is playing, but no volume.  When I select one of my channels, it plays.  What is the problem?

I am using the latest versions of everything with a wireless CarPlay in a 2023 RAV4 XLE Hybrid.  

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Hi @BrentHG 

Welcome to community!

I took a closer look at your Pandora account and see that you're a free ad supported listener. In order to listen to on-demand content such as a playlists, albums or tracks, you'll need to first enable a Premium Access session. Premium Access sessions allow you to create playlists, or collect songs or albums to listen to right away, rather than waiting to hear them play on a station.

You can activate these sessions by interacting with an advertisement, in most cases, a video. When your Premium Access session expires you'll be returned to your normal Pandora app experience, but we'll automatically save your on-demand music collection for your next Premium experience.

Unfortunately, Premium Access is not available when connected to CarPlay due to limitation in the CarPlay experience.

If you'd like to listen to your on-demand content with CarPlay, you'll first need to start a Premium Access session on your phone before connecting.

Hope this helps to explain.



Tanner | Community Moderator

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