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CarPlay - Unrelated music playing

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I bought a 2019 Chevy Equinox today and when I went to my songs that are saved I clicked one and it played the song then went randomly to whatever it wanted genera wise. When I went back and Reid to play a different saved song it wouldn’t play it and just kept selecting random songs out of nowhere. If I don’t use CarPlay and use Bluetooth I can pick any song I want and it will play with no issues and continue playing the same type of music. With CarPlay it went from rock to rap and so on. 

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Hi @DarkSorrow! Welcome to community and thanks for posting.  Sorry for any trouble listening to Pandora in your vehicle.

Could you provide the following information so I can investigate?

  1. What is the model of your iPhone? Also, can you tell me the Pandora app version (let me know if you need help finding that)?
  2. When connected to CarPlay, is this through USB? 
  3. Have you experienced this issue only when in the car, or also when listening on your phone outside the car? 

It sounds like Pandora goes into Auto-Play after the song has finished but is including songs that don't quite fit the genre of the song that played. 

Can you give me the specific steps that lead up to your experience? For example: Connect to CarPlay > tap on My Collection > tap on (Station Name) > Station started playing unrelated content

Also, any pictures of the head unit when this is happening would be great. You can include them in your response here. 

Thanks for the help!

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@BaileyPandora Thought I would tag you to see if you've seen this type of behavior before. TY!

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