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Disable Accessory Screen when Connected to Pandora

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When i’m in the car an Accessory Screen pops up when i want to listen to Pandora. Should i cancel my account and move on to another music provider?

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Can you name one positive the Pandora accessory feature adds? 

Opposed to simply using Bluetooth, I now lose the ability to control what I listen to, I lose the ability to rewind a song, I lose the function of all the steering wheel music control buttons (fast forward and rewind).

Thank you for removing my ability to  listen to music while charging my phone in my car.

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I’ve posted the solution in previous comments here it is again: go the Pandora app > tap on ‘Profile’ (bottom right) > tap on Settings (the cog wheel @ the top right) > tap Advanced > turn off ‘Enable Launch From Car’ (under BluetoothDevices).

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Local Performer

Can you put Pandora on my phone

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Hi @Gary8! Welcome to community! 🙌

You can download the Pandora on any supported Android and iOS mobile devices from the app store.

What's the make and model of your phone?

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When my phone is connected to my car (any car, the make and model doesn't matter) via bluetooth in accessory mode, there's a black screen that blocks the app.

It's extremely annoying and limits the functionality that can actually be accessed in the app.

Assuming you're doing it for the "safety" of the driver (who gave you the authority to make that decision?!) there are other passengers in the car that may want to use the app.

Like EVERY other app out there, there should be a warning screen, sure, but it should be DISMISSIBLE!!


When are you finally going to add this little X button to dismiss this annoying blocker screen?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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