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GMC - Explicit content censored

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Settings in my app are set to allow explicit content.  Never had a problem anywhere - devices, phone, computer, truck.  I purchased a new truck, logged into the app built into the infotainment system, now I get almost all edited music.  Thumbprint station will play explicit, but nothing else.  Still no problems on any other devices or phones, etc.  Settings in truck allow explicit, but it’s like all my stations went clean ONLY in the truck.  Could it be a GM issue for some reason?

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Hi @Blackdiesel! Thanks for posting.

Sounds like you're using the GM integrated app in your car. This is the first time I've heard of this happening and based on your description sounds like it may be related to a setting within your vehicle.

I checked your Pandora account and see that you allow for explicit content and this setting should apply to all devices on your account. 

Because the integrated app is implemented by GM, I don't have any recommendations for troubleshooting. I would reach out to your local dealer or GM directly for further help investigating. 

If you're able to resolve this, I would be interested in knowing what steps were taken. I've also passed this along to our engineering team for review. 

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