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Getting Error message in my car - can't connect to Pandora

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I have Pandora Premium which just stopped working in my 2013  Acura RXD. Connected by USB code (but I'd prefer Bluetooth so please advise how I  can make that work) I've  deleted and re-in stalled Pandora on my Iphone X. Still nothing when I plug in the USB cord in the car to the phone it says Pandora Loading then immediately says Pandora Error. I have Pandora version 2004.2.1

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Hi @MLFranklin thanks for letting us know. 

I’ve asked our User Support team to enable a trace on your account to help us better understand what’s happening. 

I'd also like to report this to our engineers. Can you do me a favor and please take a picture of this error message in your Acura? 

I see that you're on an iPhone X with Pandora version 2004.2.1, can you let me know which OS you're currently running? If you need help finding this, let me know. 

Is your Acura equipped with Apple CarPlay?

Thanks for the help. 


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