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Offline Listening when in your vehicle

Local Performer

New user, doing great until a voice sounded in the car, telling me it was switching me to an offline station. My iPhone claimed to have had service at the time. The real problem came in trying to get the offline station to cease and desist. Is there an easy way to advance to the next station in a list?

Thanks! Nikki

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Hi @NLM! Welcome to community.

Offline Listening is available to Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium subscribers. When you lose your mobile connection, Pandora will alert you with a notification to let you know that we are switching you to one of your offline stations. This way you stay connected to your music without major interruptions. This may happen even if the mobile connection loss is temporary.

If you've been switched to offline listening automatically, the offline station will continue to play, even if you're back online. If you'd like to listen to another station, you would need to switch stations.

Hope this helps to explain.

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