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Pandora Skipping

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Why does Pandora answer every question with a question?!  It’s poor service and I’ve been in too many circles.  I have no faith in Pandora or their service.

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Hi @2Agitatedto-c! Welcome to community!

We often ask clarifying questions to get a better idea of your specific experience. Those details can help us provide better troubleshooting steps, or the necessary information we need to pass along for further investigation.

If you're having trouble with skipping, I'll need additionally information in order to help diagnose, such as, which device you're using, if you're listening in online mode, or offline mode. Additionally, since this board is dedicated to experiences in vehicles, knowing the type of vehicle, how you're connected and if the skipping only happen when connected to the car. These types of question can help further diagnose the issue you're having.

If you're having trouble with skipping in your vehicle, please provide the following info:

  1. What is the make, model and year of your vehicle?
  2. What is the make, model of your phone?
  3. Which Pandora app version are you on?
  4. How are you connected - Bluetooth or USB?
  5. Do you connect to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay
  6. Does this experience only happen in the vehicle, or when connected to other devices, like a bluetooth speaker.

Let me know.

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