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Pandora stops working after gps updates directions

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Long story short, I drive for Uber. I can't seem to get my Uber app and Pandaora to play nicely with one another. As soon as my app updates my driving directions ("in one mile, turn left"), Pandora stops working.  It's a bit of a pain to switch between the two as I am driving. Is there a setting somewhere that I might be missing?

Slightly related question, can I adjust the volume of Pandora so that it is quieter than my GPS? It seems like GPS is always very quiet and I have a tough time hearing it. If I adjust the radio volume up, then when the music comes back it is always louder than what I like.


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Hi @DarthWitten 

Can you tell me a little more about your set-up and device:

  • Make and model of your mobile device
  • Which Pandora version are you on? Let me know if you need help finding this.
  • How are you connected, USB or Bluetooth
  • Are you connected to Android Auto or PandoraLink?


The volume control  for Pandora is associated with the volume control on your mobile device. Unfortunately, there isn't a separate volume control for the app itself. If you're using an app like Google Maps, there may be additional settings to increase the volume for directions only.



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