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Upgraded to Pandora Premium and Pandora would no longer work on my Honda Accord's Pandora app

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I upgraded to Pandora premium and Pandora would no longer work on my 2016 Honda Accord's Pandora app. I can still use the Accord's Bluetooth app to listen. If I switch to the Pandora app after listening on the Bluetooth app it shows the time the current track has been played, but does not play music or show the rest of the tracks information.

My phone is an SM-G950U, Android version 9, and I'm using Bluetooth.  The Pandora version is 2002.1

I have tried to clear data once and it didn't work.

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@Darquin30 Our Automotive team will be contacting to you via email to help with this. 🚗

Please keep an eye out for their message.

Thanks for your patience.  

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