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iOS-GMC: Error message "Device Not Connected"

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I purchased my truck about a month ago and the Pandora App worked perfectly.  My phone is the same and I have made no changes to the settings.  However, it now displays "device not connected" and only plays from the Pandora app on my phone through bluetooth conenction (not via the Pandora app on the truck).

2015 GMC Sierra with stock unit

Iphone SE 

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Hi @bjohns34! Thanks for posting.

Can you share a picture of what you're seeing in your GMC? You can attach a picture in your next post right here on community.

To clarify, are you connecting your phone to your vehicle in order to listen (PandoraLink) through UConnect or using the integrated Pandora app that can be found in GMC vehicles? The main distinction between these is with UConnect you'll need your phone in order to listen and with the integrated app, you won't.

Keep in mind, the integrated Pandora app found in GMC vehicles requires a hot spot connection in order to play. If this is the version you're using I would recommend checking that this connection is current and active.

Let me know.

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I have trying to use the integrated app.  It was working for a while but now is not.  I am able to use my phone and connect through bluetooth however the app was nice as it showed more information and allowed me to control which station I was listening to through the truck's controls.  I did not knowingly have an active hotspot previously when it was working.

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