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iOS - Lincoln: Intermittent no sound

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I have a 2019 Lincoln MKZ with a Ford Synch 3 System audio updated with the latest software version. My iPhone SE always synchs fine and Pandora always plays as expected, except most times there is no sound coming out. It seems to work sometimes if I start Pandora playing before starting the car and then select the audio source, but even then when driving and I get a phone call Pandora will resume playing after the call ends, but with no sound. I tried updating the Synch 3 software version, and uninstalling and then reinstalling my iPhone Pandora App and it doesn't seem to help. Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you. 

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Hi @ss8djj! Welcome to community! 👋

Sounds like PandoraLink is having trouble connecting to the Ford Sync system. Can you do me a favor and confirm the iOS and Pandora version you're currently using?

In the meantime, I've passed this along to our engineer team for further investigation. We'll follow up with you if we need any additional details. For now, I would continue to play Pandora on your phone before connecting to your Lincoln.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

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