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iOS: Pandora no longer connects

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I typically use Pandora in my Honda Fit in offline mode plugged in (for some reason my car won't recognize my phone so bluetooth is not an option).  Since the last iOS update Pandora won't play when offline, it just sort of cycles through the tracks trying to find something I suppose.  My car gives me the option of using Pandora as an accessory but I've never had any control over what songs play, there's no way to interact with the app on the phone.  I'm not sure how to resolve this issue and can't listen to music in my car at the moment without using cellular data which I don't want to do.  Any suggestions?

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Hi @OwlyB Welcome to community. 👋

Just had a few follow up questions to make sure I understand your experience. You were previously able to connect to your Honda with Bluetooth, but your car no longer recognizes your phone. Is this a recent change that happened when updating or did this happen before the update?

How are you currently connecting to your Honda, with a USB? And when you connect with USB does an Accessory screen appear on your phone?

Lastly, just a few questions about your iPhone and car:

  • What is the year of your Honda Fit?
  • Which model iPhone do you have?
  • Which iOS are you on?
  • Which Pandora version are you on?

Thanks for the help.

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