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New Pandora Home Screen Widget for iOS and iPadOS Available Now


With this week’s update to the Pandora app for iOS and iPadOS, users can now make enjoying their favorite music and podcasts on their device even easier with Pandora’s new home screen widget for iPhone and iPad.

iOS and iPadOS users can now customize their device by selecting from 3 sizes of the new Pandora widget to easily view and play as many as 7 of their most recently-played songs, albums, stations, playlists, and podcasts right from their home screen.


To add Pandora’s home screen widget for iOS or iPadOS to your device:

  • Download the latest version of Pandora’s app for iOS or iPadOS
  • Long-press your home screen and hold until everything gets wiggly
  • Tap on the “+” button
  • Search for Pandora
  • Select from 3 sizes of Pandora’s home screen widget
  • Tap “Add Widget”

Pandora’s home screen widget for iPhone and iPad requires iOS 14/iPadOS 14 and up with the most recent version of the Pandora app.

Add the new Pandora home screen widget to your iPhone or iPad today and get even closer to the music and content you love!

Local Performer

if u miss someone listens to catch the sun by lil baby and change locations by future

Local Performer

Glad to see the new widget for Pandora! I was hoping for this and Pandora delivered. Thank you!

Opening Act

Can we do something like this for Android? The one on Android looks out of date.

Local Performer

Give me a background control menu with shuffle, pause, play,and next track button that works for wired and bt listening devices.. Android is please and make it simple for free version and ad themes or skins for paid versions..


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Local Performer

Older version 

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Why does pandora hate android. . .

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