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The Listener Lounge: August 2023


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New Music: Picks of the Week


Prepare to expand your horizons by delving into a diverse genres and styles as new songs and albums are shared by @AdamPandora each week.




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Share the tracks that light your path and uplift your spirit to help conquer new horizons. This soundtrack will inspire courage and determination, here's to fresh beginnings and the melodies that help us soar!


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Question of the Week 💡


Check out our community question posts where you can share and discuss your music and podcast preferences. 

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Pandora Ten: Artists to Watch in 2023


Have you checked out any of the Pandora Ten this year? If not, here's your reminder to tune into Artists to Watch in 2023. Let us know your faves in the comments!




Álvaro Díaz (Latin)


Puerto Rican rapper Álvaro Díaz is at the forefront of the Urban Latin boom. Drawing influences from vintage Hip Hop and electronic dance music, his word-play, delivery and distinctive punch lines have made him a rising star in Latin America with hit singles “Lentito” and “Problemón.” 


Ayra Starr (Afropop)


Artists to Watch: Ayra Starr

Born in Benin Republic, 20-year-old Ayra Starr has become one of the fastest-rising stars in Afropop. Her single “Bloody Samaritan,” was a huge international hit, and was recently remixed to feature Kelly Rowland. After her first national U.S. tour opening for Koffee earlier this year, she is wrapping up 2022 as the featured artist on WizKid’s latest single, “2 Sugar.” Her latest track, “Rush,” has already been gaining momentum in Afropop clubs and is a strong contender for the song of the holiday season in West Africa. 


Coco Jones (R&B)


Artists to Watch: Coco Jones

R&B songstress and Tennessee-born multi-hyphenate Coco Jones recently released her debut EP What I Didn’t Tell You, working with Grammy-stacking, heavy-hitters London on da Track, Bryan-Michael Cox, Darkchild, Babyface, and Rockette. From her hard-hitting soulful ballads like “ICU” to flirty up-tempo track “Crazy For Me,” Coco’s mission is to be intimate and direct with listeners. The SiriusXM and Pandora programming and curation teams recently selected Coco as the first artist to be amplified through its new Artist Accelerator program.



Fred again.. (Dance)


Prolific, London-based artist Fred again.. has crafted a unique diary-esque approach to production with his acclaimed Actual Life series and new studio album Actual Life 3. His intimate use of voice notes from friends, videos found whilst scrolling on Instagram and samples from important records in his life serves as a personal record of his life experiences, offering insight into his world over the past year. His autobiographical body of work both references and pushes forward the heritage of UK electronic music while standing as testament to the power of music in facilitating catharsis, healing and celebrating the realities of friendship, love and life. 


GloRilla (Hip Hop)


Artists to Watch: GloRilla

Hip Hop artist GloRilla hails from the North Memphis neighborhood of Frayser, Tennessee. The world got its first taste of the femme fatale with her breakout single “F.N.F. (Let’s Go),” which sparked the viral #FNFChallenge, spawned a dynamic remix with Latto and JT and paved the way for the rising star to sign with Yo Gotti’s prestigious CMG record label in partnership with Interscope Records. Her debut EP Anyway’s, Life’s Great… dropped November 11th.


Jackson Dean (Country)


Maryland native Jackson Dean is a singer/songwriter known for his old-school, gritty style of Country music. Dean’s atmospheric debut album, Greenbroke (Big Machine Records), leads off with the Top 5 single, “Don’t Come Lookin’,” which made waves after being featured on the soundtrack for Netflix’s “The Ice Road,” Paramount Network’s hit series “Yellowstone” and “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” After a summer tour with Lee Brice, the young talent will join HARDY on the sold-out Wall-to-Wall tour to wrap up 2022. Dean will head out on the road with Blake Shelton and Carly Pearce for the Back to the Honky Tonk Tour in 2023.


Jessie Murph (Alternative/Pop) 


Artists to Watch: Jessie Murph

Underneath a unique blend of modern production with echoes of distant guitar and evocative vocals, Jessie Murph tells the kinds of stories we all relate to, but we might be too uncomfortable to disclose to the world at large. The 18-year-old Alabama singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist gushes emotion through the cracks of her dominant, yet lilting croon, staring down heartbreak, anxiety, and darkness without filter, as evidenced on her most recent single “If I Died Last Night.” 



Kim Petras (Pop)


International pop sensation and critically acclaimed songwriter Kim Petras has become one of music’s most buzzed-about talents, self-styling a massively dynamic career with a string of critically acclaimed singles and projects, from her hit "I Don't Want It At All” to new single “If Jesus Was A Rockstar” and her current GRAMMY-nominated global #1 and platinum smash hit with Sam Smith, "Unholy." 


LaRussell (Hip Hop)


Artists to Watch: LaRussell

Bay Area rapper LaRussell creates music with vivid storytelling and heartfelt flow. He has a knack for simplifying the most complex experiences and making them feel relatable to the listener. Along with his independent collective, Good Compenny, he is pioneering change within the music industry by allowing fans to decide what his contributions are worth to them and to pay what they want for shows, merch, and music. Influencers such as Charlamagne Tha God, Wallo, Chance The Rapper, Russ, Meek Mill, LA Reid, Erykah Badu, and many more have shown immense love and support for his music and movement. 


The Moss (Alternative)


Artists to Watch: The Moss

The Moss are an indie-rock band who were born on the shores of Oahu, Hawaii as teenage buddies before relocating to Salt Lake City, Utah. Tyke James (vocals/guitar) and Addison Sharp (guitar) picked up gigs serenading diners at local taco trucks in between surf sessions, and once back on the mainland, they linked up with Willie Fowler (drums) and Caiden Jackson (bass) and were soon playing stages across the country. New single “Insomnia” has become a breakout track for the band since its release and they spent most of the fall on the road, which included the Life Is Beautiful festival. The Moss are releasing a new EP on January 20 and begin a headline tour on January 25th.


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An Indie Kid Discovers Jazz

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